We're Sales and Marketing Partner in Adriatic Region

What we do best

Mondoexport is a market oriented company, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia specialized in import/export, sales and distribution of FMCG brands, covering Adriatic region, with the main activities:

  • Sales & distribution
  • Merchandising , trade marketing, promotions, design and production of POS materials
  • Consulting and services in creating export, commercial and marketing strategies in Adriatic region

Our headquarters is in Ljubljana, with central logistics in Kamnik, just outside of Ljubljana.

Distributing area

We are exclusive distributors, covering the following markets:


Present in % of the FMCG channel in the region
Partners of more than suppliers

Adriatic region
(Ex- Yugoslavia, Balkans)

different markets
different currencies

Brand portfolio

Variety of products in our brand portfolio are then being managed and followed in compliance with category management

  • Home and personal care and toiletries
  • Pharma products
  • Food and beverages
  • Home decor

All you need is passion

Our Slovenian and regional operations are managed by an experienced team of professionals, with deep knowledge of the FMCG industry and passion for sales and brand management.

Start your journey

through distribution channels of Adriatic region

Identifying consumers and market needs, and setting up the adequate commercial and marketing strategy is our mission.

Focused on long term partnerships and objectives, weather trough direct market coverage or trough our consolidated network of local distributors, our aim is to build regional brand visibility and consolidated product portfolio.

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